Saturday, August 22, 2009


We are all doing well. We have been home only one week but the jet lag has subsided and our bodies are feeling more normal.
Samson is such a fun little boy. We are in love! He has picked up on many English words such as "up" when he wants to be held or is walking upstairs; "peek-a-boo", "I see you" are also some of his favorites.
Our favorite words he says are "mommy" and "daddy", "Oloffia" (for Olivia), "L0-in (for Lauren) and "Avry". He also says "ma ta ta lo" but we don't know what this means.

Yesterday Steve called from work and I said, "Samson, daddy's on the phone!" He grabbed the phone from me, put it to his ear and with excitement in his BIG eyes, he said, "daddy?!" How precious is that?
We have also trained him to say "I love you", which comes out as "I looovvva YOU". Too cute!

Say "cheese"!

Trampoline fun!

If you give a 2 year old an umbrella, you will not get it back. Lesson learned - don't give your 2 year old an umbrella right before nap time or you are asking for a tantrum.

If you give your 2 year old a bath, you may not get him to come out!

The first time we tried bath time, he didn't want anything to do with the bathtub. The second time, he didn't want to come out.


tmcs said...

WOW. He's really a sweetie pie! Tesfaamlak FREAKED out with delight in his first bath-- I just wish the pics I took weren't all x-rated!

Julie said...

He looks GREAT! Glad you guys are feeling well. Meazi mentions him often.

Shannon- said...

Look at that grin!! This boy is going to be fun!!