Sunday, August 23, 2009

One of many cool stories

There is so much to tell about our trip to Ethiopia. I'm hoping to journal more as days go on but I just have to share this one cool experience for now.

Ever since we started the process, Steve and I knew that we would forever have a heart for Ethiopia. When we left Ethiopia, I for one was conflicted because I felt like I left part of my heart there.

We read about the people, the culture, the poverty, the needs. When you see this first hand, it does something even more to you. Your heart longs even more to serve and to help. But where do you begin in a country where the average person lives on $1 a day, a country that is one of the poorest countries in the world; a country where most people do not have access to clean drinking water; a country where there are millions of orphans.

This beautiful country gave us the gift of a son. We can't ever pay that back but we can do
something for our son's country. Throughout our journey, I have come across many organizations offering relief in Ethiopia. I have read so many fascinating stories that have touched my heart. There are numerous opportunities to help. But I always felt the Lord telling me to wait and He will show show me the way.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon an organization called, Drawn from Water. This organization began just this year and serves in Africa, rescuing children from situations where parents are forced to kill their children due to tribal superstitions. Before we left for Africa, I asked God to give me a sign while in Africa how and where He wants us to make a commitment.

Then we were at the airport, waiting in line for boarding passes on our way home. I left the rest of the family to move closer up to check if our flight was on time. From a distance, I saw an American man approach our family and speak with Steve for a few minutes. When I returned to our family, Steve told me that this man approached him because he saw Olivia's U of M sweatshirt and wondered if we were from MN. He was from Michigan. He proceeded to tell Steve that he was spending time in Africa starting an organization in to help rescue children from a tribe that practiced killing children due to superstitions. He was starting the third organization to do this kind of work, one other being Drawn from Water. He had just spent several days with the people from DFW and has followed their story.

We caught up with this middle-aged business man at the gate where we endured together a 5 hour delay for our flight to Amsterdam. He shared with us more about his organization and what he knew about DFW.

This was not by accident that we struck up a conversation with this man regarding an organization that has only been in existence for 8 months. I believe this was a divine appointment and God's way of giving us direction on how to serve in Africa.

Just in recent days, DFW has post a blog entry that they are looking for funding for a place to house them and get them paper ready for adoption. They are also looking for families to adopt these children. You can read more about their plans on the blog posted August 21st.

Now we wait some more because our next step is not clear. We are not ready to make any commitments but we will be following DFW's story closely.
"Strength will rise if we wait upon the Lord"

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