Monday, August 31, 2009


A few days ago, I blogged about one of our many cool experiences while in Africa. Essentially, Steve and I know now where we are going to give back to the needs this continent. I have been following the organization, Drawn from Water since the beginning of this year and very inspired by their efforts to rescue children from being killed because of tribal superstition.

This past summer, a business man named Levi moved his family to Africa from California to care for these children. He put his career on hold, sold his belongings and made a two year commitment to give these children a better life.

There are 10 children in all. The cost to support the needs of them is very small compared to our standards in the US. However, they are running out of funds!! I logged onto their website yesterday and Levi had just posted - they are in desperate need of funds in order to continue supporting their basic needs!

Currently, Levi and his family are working through the paper work to make the kids be available for adoption.

97% of all the money donated to DFW goes to helping the kids. The 3% covers the cost of processing your credit card.

This is a breakdown of their costs:

Electricity —————————————————-$25 Per month
Water ———————————————————$25 Per month
Food/per child ———————————————–$57 Per month
Nanny 1 ——————————————————-$80 Per month
Nanny 2 ——————————————————-$80 Per month
Cook ———————————————————–$75 Per month
Rent ———————————————————–$270 Per month
Pick up a new child from tribe - Car / Driver————–$500 each trip

Please consider donating today!! They are at dangerously low levels in their funding!!

To donate, click on this link and then click on the "donate" button.

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