Monday, August 10, 2009

Meeting Our Son

I'm going to keep this brief, because we have 1 computer for 9 families and a very slow dial up connection! There is so much to tell about our trip but for now I'll share our first time meeting Samson.
Friday morning we were all taken to the Care Center after a brief orientation. I did not sleep at all the night before. At the Care Center, they seated all the families in one room on the main floor and told us that they were going to call us one by one to meet our children. The first couple was called, a young couple here to adopt their first child. Then Avery vomited all over herself, which was not fun. The staff lead me to a bathroom with no plumbing and only toilet paper to clean her up.
While we were in the bathroom, our family was the next family called. Steve informed our social worker what happened, so she came to check on us. Our social worker, who is about 7 months pregnant, slipped and fell hard on her back. I was very worried about her and she asked if she could rest a while before she brought us to Samson. We told her to take as much time as she needed.
In the meantime, the first couple was coming down the stairs with their baby. She was the most beautiful 4 month old baby girl. Shortly after that, another new mom was carrying her new precious baby boy.
We waited a few more minutes and our SW told us it was our time. The camera crew videoed our family as we paraded up the stairs where we were led to the toddler room. There were around 20 toddlers playing on the floor. As we turned to our right, just inside the room, we saw Samson sitting with 4 other children. All 5 of us sat down next to him. We were very careful not to get too close at first and overwhelm him. He had a serious look on his face and looked us all over one by one.
We first presented him with a small ball. He loved the ball, but his friends also liked the ball, so we felt the timing was right to bring him downstairs and join the other families.
We played with him for a while. He loves kicking the ball. A man from the camera crew, Sammy, seemed to know Samson very well and told us that Samson has very good foot work and will make a good soccer player. It appeared like they were buds and Sammy had quite a liking towards him. He also liked his name.
We visited Samson again that afternoon and then twice on Saturday. He is gradually warming up to us. He is full of energy, strong, intelligent, very very cute and appears very healthy and happy. There are so many funny stories I can share about him. He is such a fun kid. But we are taking one step at a time. He is so attached to his nannies, so this will be a difficult transition for him.
On our second visit with him on Friday, he didn't want anything to do with us, which was hard but we understood. By Saturday, he ran to Steve once to be held, turned his cheek once for me to kiss him and he blew us kisses when we left. He also took Olivia's head band out of her hair and put it on his head. We are making progress but very gradual.
We did not get to see the children today because we were gone for the day for birth family meetings. Tomorrow the kids are going to be brought to the guest house for one hour and then on Tuesday we take him into our full care.
We are all exhausted but are doing fairly well. Avery recovered from her illness and seems to be regaining energy and strength. Please pray for a smooth transition for Samson and our family and for strength and good health. We fell so blessed to have the girls with us to experience this journey. They have been quite the troopers. This has been a difficult trip but they have complained very little.

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Shannon- said...

I forgot to tell you how much this post cracked me up and made me cry all at the same time. Picturing the spontaneous vomit and falling- not good- but glad she's ok!!!