Thursday, August 20, 2009

And more random pictures!

On our trip to Hosanna, most homes were grass huts. This hut is similar to the one Samson spent the first two years of his life, surrounded by banana and coffee trees. Due to lack of rain, the coffee trees did not produce enough coffee beans this season, so families crush the leaves of the coffee trees to make coffee.

This is the gymnasium of the school our agency built in Addis.

A ladder outside one of our guest room windows. Ladders and scaffolding were constructed in a similar manner all over Addis.

Traditional Ethiopian food. The bread rolled up along the edge and underneath the food samples is an Ethiopian bread called injera. You use injera to scoop up the food to eat it.

Three legged goat

Our agency is in the process of building this school in Hosanna. It will open for students this fall.

A fruit stand in Addis

The inside of a traditional hut. The fence posts are for the families cows. It's very common for the cows to reside inside the family home as a way to protect them from outside predators.

Another beautiful grass hut home taken from the bus window

A market street in Addis

A view of the Care Center from our guest house. This was Samson's home the past 2 months.

This is an unfinished structure taken from our guest house. Very common to see unfinished buildings like this all around Addis.

Driving through Addis, we saw this pickup hauling a huge load of mattresses. Many times you will see people riding in the beds of pickups, holding the contents down. Hopefully this truck doesn't have too much further to travel.

Our guest house was surrounded by a tall stone wall. We had a guard at the gate 24/7. This is our neighbor just on the other side of our stone wall. They were a very friendly family with 2 boys about Lauren and Olivia's ages. This style home, with corrugated medal siding was very common around Addis.

Samson's favorite toy at the guest house.

This hill of goats was very near our guest house. Each goat had a colored marking on its back to identify the owner. It was not uncommon to see slaughtered goat remains in this area as well.

Samson at the guest house cautiously checking it all out.

We were able to tour the old orphanage in Hosanna. They changed locations just before Samson arrived but it looks like they still do the laundry at this location. It is all hand washed and hung to dry.

The countryside along our drive south to Hosanna looked like this.

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