Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Want to help? Join the fight!

Go to their store and purchase a T-shirt! Although we are happy with the overall total sales so far, we did not meet our goal of selling over 60 the second week. But we are not losing hope because the sales still continue.

In case you are not familiar with Drawn From Water, let me update you...

Drawn From Water (DFW) is an organization that serves in Southern Ethiopia (just recently, they have been able to disclose their location). They rescue kids who would otherwise be drowned because of their tribe's superstitious beliefs. When a family from this tribe faces losing their child, they now have the option to have their child rescued by DFW. Finding and rescuing children from this fate is not easy and requires many resources.

One rescue, in particular, involved flying in by helicopter right to a hut in a remote place to rescue a child that had been in hiding until the DFW team could get to them. Unfortunately, there have been times the DFW team has been too late.

The profits from the sales of these T-shirts goes towards the costs of rescuing and caring for the children.

Our family has become passionate about helping this organization. We want to do all we can to help support their cause -  to help save lives.

Will you join us in this fight?

Not only does DFW get a big portion of each T-shirt sold, but wearing the shirt, gets people asking. They will ask about the organization and about the names. In return, some people will want to join you in this fight.

About the names on the T-shirt...
The first child rescued through their efforts was Bale. Bale's name is on the T-shirt with the next 8 children rescued. Just typing this, brings tears to my eyes. The children rescued each have a name and a face (see the DFW video). Right now, I am wearing the Caribbean colored shirt with the names of the first children rescued - who at one time faced a death sentence. They now have a future and with your support, you will give more children hope for a future.

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