Friday, July 30, 2010

From the Inside Out

Lots of changes are happening within our family. Most of the change is occurring inside of us. We have been looking at our lives through a new set of spectacles - our hearts are changing. We have new rules in our house - rules that have to deal with respect for one another and we are working on new eating habits - habits that will help us take better care of our bodies.

Lately, the song, "From the Inside Out" by Hillsong has been our family's theme song. We are open to God changing us from the inside so that the change He has performed in us will help us better express His heart on the outside.

"From the Inside Out" began as mine and Samson's song.

Several months ago, I put in place a nap time routine with Samson that first began with the two of us dancing to music. I held him and danced in slow motion while we looked in each other's eyes. This was great for attachment purposes - good close body contact and eye contact.

One of the songs we danced to was "From the Inside Out". Then one day, Samson heard the song on the radio when we were driving in the car and he said, "Mommy! This is our song Mommy! This is our song!"

From then on, this is the only song we slow danced to before nap time. Each day, after we finished our lunch, I would play this song and we would dance together, looking in each other's eyes.

His Baptism day was approaching, so during one of our dances, I told him about his Baptism. Then I said, "Maybe they will play our song at your Baptism".

The Baptism service came and Samson was baptized at the beginning of the church service. After our family returned to our seats, the worship team sang "From the Inside Out." Steve was holding Samson at the time but he peered over his dad's shoulder with a big smile.

Now Samson doesn't take naps as often, so I try to grab my young man for a dance any opportunity I can get.

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