Monday, July 19, 2010

Over 60!

10 days ago Drawn From Water launched the sale of their new T-shirts. In just 10 days, over 60 shirts have been sold and shipped to their new owners. Over 60 shirts are making their way to their new homes all over the US and one home in Canada!

I have a dear friend who processed each order as they were received and she reports how it brought her complete joy to see the interest from those who want to help promote Drawn From Water (DFW) by purchasing and wearing a T-shirt.

Our family has a special interest in this fundraiser. We are excited to watch the sales this week and continue to be humbled by the outpouring of support from Drawn From Water followers.

This week, the goal is to sell 60 more.

So, if you have not purchased a T-shirt, please consider doing so. If you don't wear T-shirts, buy one to give as a gift to someone who will wear one. They are only $23 and a big chuck of that goes to DFW.

I own one of each color. I have worn mine several times and they wash up beautifully. My family traveled up north last week where there were cooler temperature days and I wore my Caribbean blue shirt with a long sleeve white T underneath. So, don't be nervous about Fall coming because they look great layered as well.

You can't go wrong with either color choice. Trust me, when I say that they look even more beautiful in person!

Go to the store to order yours today!

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Kate and Jeff said...

Two came to us...we love them!! So comfortable and wash easily! Thanks for putting your time into this wonderful project!