Sunday, July 4, 2010

A few things...

Many of you have been following Drawn From Water and their efforts to literally rescue kids who will be killed by their tribes. Levi recently wrote a great post titled "The African Myth". Please take a minute to read Levi's post and the great conversation following it through the comments. Our family struggles with what to do with this very same thing.

However, we have found one way to help an organization serving in Africa. Like I have mentioned before, we have partnered with a few other families to create something. When I was first given this opportunity, I was overwhelmed because I have never done anything like this before. Each piece of this project has been something I have had to learn and rely on God to help me through.

If it was something that I had experience with, I would not need God. My plan would most certainly get in the way of God's plan. God pulled this project together so that we have no one to glorify but Him.

That's why I struggle with sharing this news. It is such an amazing experience to watch God orchestrate
and pull this entire project together. I don't mean to sound so mysterious but I'm struggling with the announcement of this project because I don't want it to look like I'm tooting my own horn or that I'm saying "Look what I have done!"

However, I would like ALL of you to have an opportunity to join me on this endeavor, so when I show you what I God have has been up to, I'll present it as, "Look what God has done!" And just so you know,  God will be wrapping this up for the big reveal very very soon!

Also, just a quick update on our attachment progress...

We can almost see the finish line with the sun shining bright in the background at the end of our marathon run. Our first 8 months home, we ran some very long uphill miles in stormy weather. After 9 months home, we ran these miles in more mild weather. Now, almost 11 months home, I can say with much confidence that our stormy days are over. We feel a weight lifted and so good about the progress we have made with attachment.

Those of you who have been home fewer months than 10 or 11, please do not lose hope. Keep working hard at attachment and you will be in this place soon.

The first 8 - 9 months, these two struggled to get along. But look at them today! It was Samson's idea to crawl into this sleeping bag with Avery to snuggle. These two are now inseparable:

And Samson has become very accustomed to being "Daddy's Boy":

One last thing..

Happy 4th of July!!
(Stay Cool)

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Kate and Jeff said...

Just read the African Myth yesterday...really thought provoking. We cannot wait for the big reveal of your new venture...