Monday, March 8, 2010

We are home

from our one week family vacation.

Two months ago, Steve got a wild hair and used our frequent flyer miles from our trip to Africa and booked us airline tickets to __________.

We didn't tell the kids because for the next few weeks we were unsure whether this was the right time to take the plunge and take the family on a vacation. It was nice to be able to keep the airline ticket costs down but once we arrived at our destination, if we wanted to enjoy our time there, we would be spending some money that we were not sure if we should be spending at this time or not.

So, we went back and forth. One day, we were for sure going to go, the next for sure not going. We were guilty about the money that we would have to spend and how it could be better used in another way or for a person or cause that needs the money more than our family needs a vacation.

Then after several weeks of debating, one week before the kids' spring break, we booked the non-refundable hotel. We gave the kids 3 day advance notice and told them to start packing because we were going to Disney World!!

This was our first solid week together as a family away from the normal demands of our home life and jobs, since Samson joined our family. This proved to be a great vacation that helped us work at blending as a family without answering to anyone. We definitly had some overwhelming moments when things got to be too much for Samson but we also saw much progress during this week with his attachment.

We had a great time and we were so glad we took the plunge!

Check it out:

All cozy on Minnie's couch!

Basking in the sun!

"Is this really Lightening McQueen?!"

Back at our hotel room the day we we saw the American Idol Experience, Avery says, "I'm still trying to figure out who this karaoke person is."

Before our photo oppotunity, an employee asked Samson if he knew how to tell the difference between Chip and Dale. After she waited for him not to repond, she told him that they had different noses. The funny thing is that Samson doesn't have a clue who Chip and Dale even are nor did he seem to care.

Princess Aurora: "What is your name young man?"
Samson: "My name is Samson."
Princess Aurora: "Samson - I love that name. Prince Phillips horse's name is Samson and we really like him."

We took a quick break from the attractions to make a couple phone calls =)

Leaving our last park of the week. Samson has the bag with the goods. He just cracks me up because he always has to carry something if we have something to carry no matter how large of an item.



Andrea said...

How fun!! Almost a year ago we were in Disney World. I was just saying how we wish we could go back. Especially the boys! :o) Thanks for sharing your fun.

Nikki said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! What wonderful memories for the kids! Thanks for sharing!

Kate and Jeff said...

Looks like a great trip! We are headed in July for Antone's first visit :) So glad you went! By the way...thanks for the link to the other blog. It was good to read about another family dealing with some similar issues.