Friday, March 26, 2010

A better place...

Thanks to everyone for their encouraging words and prayers while we walked through some attachment challenges. We are in a much better place right now. It helps when I'm in a different mood and my mood has changed since the snow melted and the sun came out. I have more patience and have readjusted my expectations.

Samson and I attended Olivia and Avery's school muscial this morning, which was amazing. Samson sat really still during the whole performance so I could video the entire thing. When we returned home, we fed each other popcorn.

He's letting me do more for him now, like brushing his teeth, hand feeding him and getting him dressed in the morning. His guard is down and he is showing more trust - allowing me to be part of his world again.

Praying that we can stay in this place for a while.

Life is good!


Nikki said...

I'm so moved by your posts. I've learned SO much from reading everyone's blogs and yours has been one of my favorites. Your strength amazes me and you truly are an amazing mom to ALL of your children. They are are you! Thanks for inviting us into a little piece of your lives!

p.s. I just read your post about the child you sponsor and it gave me goose bumps!!! The idea of them knowing each other is amazing!

Andrea said...

So glad you have found a good spot. :o) It's sure a journey isn't it?!