Friday, March 26, 2010

OK...this is weird

We sponsor a child from Ethiopia through Compassion. We began this sponsorship while we were waiting for Samson's referral. Last night, Lauren brought his picture out of the den and set it on the coffee table in the living room so that we could pray over him. I feel horrible admitting that sometimes it's easy to forget his picture is on display in the den.

Anyway, when we first received Samson's referral, we were struck by how close his name sounded to our sponsored child's name. The only difference is that our sponsored child's name begins with a "Z" and Samson's birth name begins with a "Y", otherwise the endings of each name are spelled and sound the same.

Not only that, but both boys are from the same general southern area.

But get this ... and rememeber, we had not spoken about our sponsored child for quite some time now or at least have not spoken his name for probably 2 - 3 we were shocked when Lauren held the picture up to Samson and asked him, "Samson, do you know who this is?" Expecting to explain to Samson why we had this little boy's picture, Samson replied, "That's (insert sponsored child's name here)!"

Both names sound different enough that there is no doubt whose name Samson spoke when he saw the picture.

He may have remembered us speaking his name months ago but really strange that he would remember. Or maybe he does have that kind of memory?

Olivia and Avery are convinced that this was a childhood friend of Samson's. Could this be??

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