Friday, March 12, 2010

Christian Alliance for Orphans

Anyone interested in attending this summit? I would love to meet up with anyone interested. This year it is in Minneaoplis on April 29 - 30. John Piper, Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, Tom Davis (author of Red Letters and Scared) among many others will be there. For more information, go HERE.


Our journey following Christ said...


I'm so glad you're going, too! Have you signed up for your breakout sessions?

Session 1 for me is "Giving Voice to the Orphan"
Session 2 is Orphan Permanency
Session 3 is Best Practices of Church to Church Orphan Care Partnerships
Session 4 is Financial Challenge of Adoption and HOw the Local Church Can Respond
Session 5 is The Communications Stack
Session 6 is The Church as an Alternative to the Foster System

Are you going to any of these??

We'll definitely have to meet up.

How fun!


Andrea said...

:o( Another great person going. SO bummed I can't be there. Maybe I will get a wild hair in Ethiopia and quit my job when I get home and just travel
I know you all are going to have so much fun!