Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tender moment

Let me start by emphasizing again that despite the challenges of toddler adoption, we feel overly blessed to have Samson part of our family. Admittedly, there are times that I wonder what we have done. Because this journey has stretched us more than imaginable. But as days and weeks go by, I see how Samson fits into our family more and more. He has a place in our family now. And although he can be quite the stinker at times, we have reached a point that we cannot imagine life without him.

One day last week when we were standing in line for an attraction at Disney, I picked up Samson and held him. Up until this point of our vacation, I was feeling stressed at times with the challenges of all his needs and at times couldn't help but wonder how much easier a trip like this would be without a toddler. Horrible thoughts, I know! Struck with quilt, I picked him up, looked at him, told him I loved him, kissed his cheek and told him that "God found him for us" and I expressed that we were so happy to have him part of our family.

In response, Samson grabbed my face in his hands, looked me straight in my eyes with his enormous, beautiful eyes and our noses touching, said, "No mommy, God found you for ME!" Then he kissed me on the cheek.

This was one moment of many that broke me. Through our struggles and challenges parenting Samson, we are so grateful that we can see the blessings in this journey.

On the flip side, I was so amazed at his expression of love for us despite my inequities as a parent.

People comment a lot about how we are doing such a good thing for him by adopting him. I still believe that he is doing so much more for us. However, I hadn't thought before now that although we may not do everything right for him and we may not be perfect, he can still see us as a blessing to him as well.


Nikki said...

what a precious story...tears fill my eyes! sweet precious moments like that make everything worth it. I so badly needed that today. thank you!

Andrea said...

hhhmmm... I could have written that post! :o) It IS challenging isn't it? Yesterday was one of those VERY challenging days with E, one that made me go hhhmmm. And this morning he was hugging me and telling me loved me. It's a journey. 95% of the time I love it! :o) Thank you for sharing your heart.

Anonymous said...

awesome! Lyn-Dee

Kate and Jeff said...

Beautiful Tammy.