Sunday, January 24, 2010

You Just Can’t Resist

Lauren wrote a poem about Samson...

You Just Can't Resist

Samson is my little brother.

Sometimes he’s so sweet.

Sometimes he’s sad.

Sometimes he’s mad.

And sometimes he is very annoying!

But you just can’t resist

That sweet little face that smiles at you,

That Elmo voice to tell you, “I love you,”

And the hands that reach up

and pull down your face.

The little figure before you

On his tiptoes

Stretching his lips up toward your cheek.

And when you feel

that big



placed on your skin,

your heart overflows

like a fountain

with love and compassion pouring out of it.

Even when he is Cookie Monster

and he pleads his mommy for




You just can’t resist

those big eyes,

that beautiful smile,
the cute little Elmo voice,
and that special kiss.
Even when he is Oscar the Grouch,
and he lays on the floor

pouting like a little puppy.

You just can’t resist.

You just can’t resist.

This is Elmo.

This is Cookie Monster.
This is Oscar the Grouch.
This is Samson, my brother.

You just can’t resist.