Monday, January 4, 2010

This family needs prayers

I have not blogged for a while mostly because I have been spending time with the family during the kids' break. I logged on this morning to blog about something but this is more important than anything else I have to say.

Remember the boy I visited at AHOPE orphanage when we were in Ethiopia? His name is Estifanos. I took pictures of him and emailed them to his adoptive family. His new mother has become a dear friend of mine on-line. She has come along side me throughout every stage of our adoption almost since the beginning. She has shared much wisdom in parenting an adopted toddler. She is my lifeboat a great encourager and supporter through my tough parenting moments. She helps me keep my sanity.

This beautiful family is adopting Estifanos and their daughter who they already passed court with but waiting for an Embassy date.

Estifanos cannot go home to his family until he gets an Embassy date. He cannot get an Embassy date until he passes court. The problem is, they have had several failed court dates. I don't know the exact number (at least 8 times, I believe) but more than I have ever known of a family to endure. This is devasting for him and his family. This loving family has waited much too long to bring their son and daughter home. They are at the end of their ropes, frustrated beyond belief.

So please visit their blog, write a comment of support and encouragement and pray until your hearts content! Pray that God will not only climb but move mountains to make everything come together for this sweet child to pass court.

His next court date is TOMORROW (or tonight in Ethiopia). Please remember to pray and keep this family in your thoughts before you go to bed tonight. Pray that the court is able to hear their case and that this family will have news to celebrate for tomorrow!


Julie said...

I cannot believe that he is not home yet. Ridiculous. Going over to wish them well...

M and M said...

Tammy, you are sure right about Bonnie - she's amazing and beautiful and she's going to be such a great mom these children who are waiting for her - we're on board for super duper results tomorrow!

Kate and Jeff said...

Remembering going to AHOPE with you and seeing his beautiful smile as you took pictures of him for his new family...and cannot believe he is not with them yet. Praying for them.