Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Over the past several weeks, Samson has asked and talked a lot about marriage.

He wants to get married. At one time he said that when he gets bigger, he wants to marry me!

Since explaining to him that he can't marry me because I am his mom and I'm already married and you can't marry married people, he continues to talk about the woman he will marry some day.

Just yesterday he said he was going to "take that woman to a store that sells rings and ask her to marry" him. Then he said after they get married, he is going to buy them a house to live in, some bikes to ride, a car, a boat and 2 garages.

He has asked many times if we know who he will be marrying. We've explained to him that he will not know until he is much older. He seems a little impatient not knowing.

Lately, I have been teaching him how to take care of a woman, how to teach her with respect and kindness at all times and never make a woman wait but to treat her like a princess. Once he said, "Well if I treat her like a princess, then I'm a King, right mommy?"

Last week I did something with my back. I told him that he would have to take care of me --- hold my hand when we cross the street, open the doors for me, rub my back. He did it all! He is such a gentleman.

One time when he asked Steve who he will marry, Steve asked him what he wants his wife's name to be.

He said, "I want my wife to be woman."

He has come home from school with a drawing from a female classmate of his. The drawing was a picture of the two of them together. When we leave school, there are several girls who call out to him and say good-bye. He is very social. The kids all know him and seem to like him.

Yesterday we started a new session for gymnastics. There are only 4 kids and he is the only boy. After class he came up to me, grabbed my head and turned it to face one of the little girls.

He said, "Mommy, that little girl's name is Ruby." Then he blushed more than I've ever seen him blush - his dimples were so pronounced by his blush I bet he could have held a dime in them.

I had to confirm with the mother that her name really was "Ruby". A few months ago, I shared this story and never thought I would actually ever meet a little girl named "Ruby".

Last night, I shared the story with our family and Samson blushed again. I said, "Oh no! Do you have a crush on Ruby?" He shook his head "YES!"

Up until this point, his sisters like to tease him about different girls but he has always assured us that they are all just friends. But now he seems smitten! Is this possible?? Now I'm a little worried!

Really, the amazing part of this story is that he met a girl named 'Ruby'. And of all the girls that he attracts through his charming personality, he seems to really like this Ruby.

The interesting thing about this is that even though Olivia had the same thoughts about adopting a girl named Ruby and even though we have discussed this openly, I really don't think Samson has been paying all that much attention to these discussions. I don't know if he even realizes that we have talked about the name Ruby before.

What I do know is that who ever God has chosen as Samson's future wife will be one lucky girl. For now, I pray that God will give us the parenting skills we need to raise him as a respectful, kind and Godly young man.

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