Friday, April 22, 2011

Aging out of the system and an URGENT request!

One thing that pulls at my heart more than the stories of those waiting in an orphanage for their forever family are the stories of precious beautiful children who age out of the orphanage and are out on their own. Many times there is no where for these orphans to go and many times they end up swept up into the slave trade.

One thing that God has put on my heart is to advocate against human trafficking. There are three areas of human trafficking we can serve to make a difference: Prevention, Rescue and After Care.

Today I'm advocating for prevention. There is one girl in particular that I'm advocating for and her name is Elange. She is a beautiful, bright girl who lives in an orphanage in Haiti. Elange has watched other children at the orphanage matched and united with their forever families. As weeks and years have passed by, she sees the hope of having a family of her own diminish more each day.

Elange March 2011

Elange dreams of becoming a doctor some day. But what she wants more than anything is a forever family. Without a family, both her top wishes will not be possible.

In recent days her chances of ever having a mom and/or dad has become dangerously close to reality.

If not matched soon with a family, she will be released from her orphanage and she will become yet another target of human trafficking.

 If you are paper ready or you know someone paper ready and interested in Haitian adoption, PLEASE go here and learn more. Remember that time is running out so we need to act quickly to save Elange!

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Nikki said...

How sad! I'm praying that someone reaches out and adopts this beautiful little girl before she ages out of the system! ! !