Saturday, March 19, 2011

Please Pray for DFW Orphanage!

Since before we travelled to Ethiopia, our family has felt a connection to the Drawn From Water organization. Since our trip, we have been involved in raising awareness for this incredible organization. I wrote about how we have been involved here.

Now the unthinkable is happening and they need our prayers. Please read their recent blog posts. It's a little unclear of what is happening  for sure but it appears like Levi and Jessie and the others who have made many sacrifices to rescue and care for the now 30 children at the orphanage may not be able to care for them anymore. This news is so disheartening and shocking.

We also sponsor a child through DFW. Her name is Kero and she is the oldest girl at the orphanage. It has been an amazing experience and privilege to support Kero over the past few months. With the current news, it sounds like we may not be able to support her anymore. This alone would be a huge loss for our family. It's all so very sad!!

Please, join me in prayer over this whole situation!

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