Monday, March 7, 2011

Fighting injustice

I have not written much on my blog about the things that God has put in my path recently. On top of all the winter blues and junk that comes with a very long winter, I have been blessed with "projects" that require spending time networking, defending and advocating.

It's all exhausting. It's hard work. It's mentally and emotionally draining. But the rewards are worth the time and energy.
Sometimes I find my self apologizing for being so passionate. But once my eyes have seen, I cannot turn the other way because I know God will hold me accountable for what I have seen and what I know.

I know there are things I have ignored in the past because for one, it's easy to judge. As long as I can make a judgement on a situation, I can rationalize not doing anything about it.

Well, now, I am passionate about doing something about it. And it is not my place to judge. After all, I trust God knows what He is doing.

There have been times of discouragement along this journey. This is the hard part because whenever I feel discouraged, I also think about how easy it would be to give up hope and question why I have joined this fight in the first place.

Recently a very wise friend reminded me that if we fight for what is right, there is less of a chance for Satan to win. But if we walk away from needs that God has shown us, Satan will for sure win.
Then Saturday night I had the opportunity to talk at length on the phone with a dear friend that I met on-line and who lives many states away. I am blessed to have like-minded people like her in my life just to stay encouraged. It was so refreshing to talk to her because she gets it! This godly friend of mine who has also worked hard over the years fighting against injustice, reminded me why people give up.

We talked about how people can walk away but then need a justification, so they turn to judging the situation to make them feel better. I have been in this place before. Now I'm in a different place.

And yet another friend strong in her faith, who knows the details of my battle and the depth of my weariness, reminded me that no matter what, I'm not alone.

Just a couple hours later, I had a major break through. Something very cool evolved and I hope to share it all some day. But for now, please pray for me this week. On Friday I have the opportunity to present the situations and ask for help from an oganization that may be able to help.

I know there are a lot of needs in our world but God picked these few to break my heart and cause me to get involved.

After several rejections and discouraging moments, there is someone out there who wants to hear more and help. God is so cool! He is so GOOD!

This morning, Samson got up and came into my bed to cuddle with me. He has watched me over the past few days. I think he knows how I have felt beaten down and discouraged. So, with his arms wrapped tightly around my neck, he said to me, "Mommy, don't be afraid because God is with you." Then he said, "and I will protect you from lions."

I immediately thought of the scripture that describes Satan as a lion prowling over us. Hmmm. What a wise little boy.

There is much we can learn from the confidence and faith of a small child.

This morning, I have a better outlook and more strength to go out there and fight. It's a great feeling!

Would you please pray?!!

- Pray for the safety and welfare of a pastor, his wife and family and 12 orphans who are in a desperate situation.
- Pray for two more dear friends of mine who have given their lives to serve the least of these somewhere else in our world and who God used to bring these needs to my attention.
- Pray that help is on it's way!
- Pray that God will give me the right words to plead their case to an organization who is open to learning more.

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Andrea said...

LOVE this! Can't wait to see where this all leads you :) And can't wait to hear how Friday goes!!! Been praying for you girl! :)
Love ya