Friday, March 4, 2011

Have I said that I'm sick of winter?!!

My life is full!! I love my family and the joys that come with a family!
However, lately, I have been so done with winter and illnesses! I have lost track of who was sick with what and when but it seemed like we had been sick for over 3 weeks. In fact, Avery came down with the stomach flu early this week for the second time in 10 days!

One day last week, right after I made the decision to keep one daughter home because of a warm forehead, I loaded the rest of the kids in the van to bring to school, set my coffee down and my cell phone slipped into my coffee.

I quickly retrieved my phone, wiped it off and it was dead. Holding back tears as I proceeded to back out of the garage, I hooked my side view mirror on the van.

The other day, I heard Avery screaming in pain from behind a bathroom door. I let Coco down to run to check on Avery who was leaning over the toilet vomiting. I had just finished cleaning up her vomit from our bathroom floor when I returned to find Coco went potty on my kitchen rug.

After cleaning up Coco's mess and getting Avery settled on the couch with a pillow, blanket and a puke bucket, I realized that I still had to take the other kids to school that morning.

So, I went to the bottom of the stairs to yell for Laurena and Olivia and only then remembered that I had lost my voice. I was without or barley with a voice for about 5 days.

I helped them gather their items, fill their back packs, get water bottles ready....we were almost out the door and I remembered Samson. Where was Samson? For a few moments, while I was distracted with cleaning up messes, I forgot about Samson.

I ran upstairs and found him comfortably laying on my bed watching cartoons.

Now, this is very unusual, because Samson hardly ever stays by himself in a room. In fact, most mornings, he is running along side me and never leaves my side. Plus it's a mystery how he managed to turn the TV and get to the right channel on his own. (we haven't shown him how yet)

I scooped him up, threw his coat and boots on and brought him to the car. And, well, let's just say that Samson doesn't do well with quick transitions. Must I say more??

I managed to deliver both healthy girls to school on time that particular morning.

At last, back home with my 4 year old son. First, clean up breakfast dishes, feed and play with Coco, throw another load in the wash and off to think of creative activities for Samson and I to do together.

Sometimes we read books, play with puzzles or Legos. But most of the time, we play things that require more physical movement, like chasing each other around the house, hitting a balloon back and forth or passing the football.

By the time we have to leave to pick up the girls from school, I'm ready to take a nap. But when you have a teenager, napping after school is not an option.

Also, when you have a teenager, you do not want to be without a cell phone. The day my cell phone was taking a rice bath, was a day that I probably most needed it ever. Explaining my day without my cell phone would be a whole other post, so I'll save you the details. But trust me, it was not fun at all!!

Sometimes I crave adult conversation. I love gathering with girlfriends and chatting about spiritual stuff. Not that playing with Samson doesn't stimulate my brain enough because actually, having a conversation with him really does make me think...

Especially when he asks questions like, "Mommy, how do you make black and turn it into glasses?"or
"What if a cloud started talking to you?" "What if a cloud talked funny?"

I mean you really have to think when you answer these types of questions especially when you're feeling a little under the weather and not really wanting to think too much.

Speaking of feeling under the weather....why is it that you seem to hit your busiest times when you are not feeling well?

Laying my head on the pillow each night has become the best feeling ever to me.

Don't mean to sound like a downer and I know much has to do with the cold and long winter we have had and all the crud that comes during this season but boy am I ready for a change of weather!!

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Rachael said...

Oh, I hear you friend. I feel like I could have written this post with different "events" to fill in. Thanks for sharing. Let's do coffee!