Friday, August 6, 2010

One Year Ago, Part IV

We arrive in Ethiopia as a family of five late evening on August 6th, 2009. Our agency's guest house manager, Ato Girma, picked us up at the Bole airport along with other families part of our group and transported us to our guest house. As all the families began to turn in for the night, Ato Girma points over to a very well lit up building and says, "That is the care center".

Our family had two rooms in the guest house. I had a view of the care center from my room. Even though I was completely exhausted and should have fallen asleep easily, I could not sleep that night. I was full of anticipation of meeting my son and spent most of the night watching the care center from my guest house window.

The morning could not come fast enough.

View of the Care Center from our guest house:

Our guest house room balcony:


Julie said...

Happy 1 year! Can you believe it? I am doing this on my blog too. Love to you guys.

Kate and Jeff said...

Its hard to believe its been a year...I too remember seeing the care center that first time and not being able to sleep as we waited to meet Antone!