Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another new endeavor

I have so much to blog about, that I don't know where to begin. A lot of changes have happened in our family over the summer, lots of decisions have been made and still need to be made. I have so much to share but for this post, I'll share how Steve's work world has been changing.

Several months ago, Steve was approached by a friend who owns a banner printing business. This friend was interested in taking Steve on as a partner to grow the business. After much prayer and consideration, Steve is now transitioning into his entrepreneur position from his CFO position.

When our family returned home from Ethiopia last August, our friends welcomed us home with this Banner placed in our front lawn:

(P.S. Ignore my attempt to take our last name off the banner through Paint.)

Being part-owner in a business has always been Steve's dream. We know there are risks involved in "going on your own" but we just felt like the time and opportunity were right for Steve and our family.

So, here is a shameless plug for Steve's new endeavor:

If you are looking for a banner, for your business, reunion, birthday, any kind of celebration, flags (Ethiopian? hint! hint!) or whatever, go to

They ship everywhere in the US!!

(Print a Welcome Home banner for your friends!)


Kate and Jeff said...

So many new opportunities for your family! Please wish Steven the best in his new job! We've been wondering where you were...glad to see you back!

Andrea said...

So cool! Will be praying for fruitful and happy years ahead!! And I know who to call for a banner now!