Friday, February 27, 2009

We now have a TEENAGER in the house!!!

HaPPy BirThday LAUREN!!!

We have been so blessed to parent this young lady. Even though she has had some "teenager" moments and struggles, I would have to say, parenting a teenager has been rewarding in so many ways!!

Maybe we aren't far enough into the teenage years to have experience much yet but so far, Lauren has been an amazing child. She is respectful and kind to others. She would never cause any harm to anyone.

One of my favorite past times is to spend time in conversation with Lauren. Many times we have been alone together in the car or shopping at the mall. During these long talks, I always have intentions of encouraging her in her faith and her day to day just surviving life experiences. What I have discovered in her is that God has gifted her with great wisdom, even at her young age. So, not only am I teaching her things along the way but I have a lot to learn from her as well.
Lauren is very mature in her faith and sometimes I need to turn to her for encouragement. Her faith is unwavering and her motivation to work hard and succeed is admirable. Among other things, she has taught me a little about humility, grace and modesty.

Lauren is not only gifted with much wisdom, she is also a gifted musician. At the beginning the school year, she started out as 5th chair violin (or something like that) for the Jr High Orchestra. After their first concert, she came home and stated, "I am going to unseat the first chair!" She worked hard and the next concert, she was first chair!!

She also works hard on her school work and maintains straight As - that is even with being in an accelerated Math class!! I know I'm bragging here but this is her birthday and she deserves some recognition for her accomplishments. She indeed has has accomplished much in her 13 years of life!

Lauren loves excursions, such as weekend trips with her youth group. If there is a trip option available, Lauren will convince us she needs to go. This is the adventure side of her. Even this weekend, for example, after we planned birthday events for her throughout the weekend, she was trying to figure out how she could still go to a weekend camp with the youth group.

What does the future hold for Lauren?? She has dreams of moving to New Zealand to live and go Sky Diving. Yes! She does have a daring side to her too. If she sets her mind to it, like she has for her other accomplishments, she will some day Sky Dive in New Zealand, no doubt.

Her eagerness to do it all probably is the most challenging part of parenting her. Steve and I can barely keep up with her ambitions. All I know is that God has some big plans for her in her life.

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