Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a very sweet Valentine's Day. In the morning, as we were making plans to head out of town for a day of shopping (which we haven't done as a whole family for years!!), Steve presented each of us girls a Valentine card. In each card, he expressed the qualities he most admired about each of us. We were all very touched by his thoughtful expressions. It always feels good to be appreciated as a mother and wife but what touched me the most were his loving words to each of his daughters. He is such a good father to them. The type of relationship he builds with them will no doubt impact how they select their future husbands.

After getting on the road, we made a quick stop at a coffee shop to treat ourselves to a yummy coffee for the trip. Picking up a coffee and heading out of town with my family, is one of my favorite things, so I was in heaven!!

The "Daughter's Heart" Celebration is this Saturday, so we bought the girls new dresses for the occasion. Steve was such a good sport and had lots of patience while us girls browsed through the stores. On our way home from our shopping trip, we had dinner with Steve's sister.

The entire day was a treat and so perfect! I love my sweetheart!!!!

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