Friday, February 27, 2009

Need to update our information

I received a call from our Social Worker yesterday morning. Since we may not receive a referral until May, some of our paper work will expire. When we started the process, never did we imagine that we would reach a point where we would have to paper chase again!!

Our home study needs to be updated because it will expire in May. We also have to redo our fingerprinting, which will expire in September. We should be travelling before September, but just to be on the safe side, we need to plan ahead.

This adoption journey has taken much longer than we expected. There are several reasons why the process has lengthened, one being that in Ethiopia, they are taking more measures to making the process more ethical. For this, I am thankful for.

We are handling the wait relatively well. Knowing that God is in control and not us or anyone else, brings comfort. All three of my labors were physically hard. This time, I'm not experiencing the physical labor but the emotional labor. Either way, the pain and struggles are much worth it in the end. I am happy to redo paper work, just another step in the process to bringing our child home.

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