Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blogging Friends

I have been so blessed by this special group of friends, most of whom I have never met in person. The more time I spend in the blogging world, the more it becomes a small world to me, making this network of friends extra special. Blogging has provided an unique way to build relationships and share life experiences with other women.

Andrea is one of my blogging friends who has inspired me greatly through her blog over the past few years. I admire her for her strong faith and obedience to God. I also love her zeal to help the 'least of these'. Although, I have never met Andrea in person, I have grown to love her compassionate heart.

Recently, Andrea and I have been able to, through our connections, see God at work in pretty amazing ways! What a blessing it has been to experience so much with someone I hope to meet some day.

Andrea is very sweet! She nominated my blog for the "Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award".

So, the rules for this is that I first have to list five guilty pleasures...

  1. I love licorice!
  2. I love Skittles (YES - I LOVE sugar!!)
  3. I love taking bubble baths while listening to Pandora! - it's my escape from the kids.
  4. I love drinking coffee ALL day!
  5. I love to sit up and read a good book late at night!

Now, it's my turn to nominate other sweet blogs that I follow.

First, I would have nominated my friend Cindy's blog but Andrea already nominated her. Still, I wanted to share that Cindy is one of my on-line friends that I have had the pleasure of meeting. We met about a year ago at the Summit in Minneapolis. Recently, our family and Cindy's have been living very parallel lives. We each are struggling with something very similar and instead of feeling alone in the world with this struggle, we have been able to lean on each other. For this reason, I so love the Internet, that it provides the ability to connect with someone at this level so that we can offer each other support without having to connect in person.

And, here are other blogs you must check out:

Bonnie's:  I have never met Bonnie in person but she has been an enormous support for me through my attachment journey with Samson.

Nikki's:  I first met Nikki through our agency's on-line forum. Soon after, we discovered that she was soon to be neighbors to my parents, so Nikki is one of my on-line friends that I have been fortunate enough to meet in person. Nikki and her family have been waiting months and months for the referral of their second child, this time from Ethiopia. Nikki is a sweetheart!

Kate's: Kate and Jeff were part of our travel group. Incredibly sweet couple! I continue to be inspired by their strength and faith through their adoption story. So blessed to know this sweet family and to have made the journey to Africa with them.

Rachael's: Rachael and I have been friends for several years. Rachael and her husband Ryan came along side us through our adoption journey and now we have the blessing of watching their adoption story unfold. They are parents to 5 sweet children and will soon be parents to 2 more from Ethiopia!

Shelly's: Shelly is another great friend. Shelly and her husband Scott have been part of our small home church for about a year and it has been an amazing blessing to walk this journey of life together. They have just begun the adoption process, their journey to add another one (or two) to their family.

Deb's: Deb is new to the blogging world. Her blog is smothered with sweetness! She is an amazingly, crafty and clever writer! Deb and I have been great friends for 12+ years.

Hope you enjoy all of these treasures!!

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