Monday, May 24, 2010

Our First ER Visit

Friday night, the two older girls were at friends homes sleeping over. So, Steve and I were enjoying some time with the two younger kids. We were sitting in our porch as Samson and Avery ventured off to the trampoline. With a close eye on them, Steve made a comment about when we will see our first broken bone as a result of the trampoline.

Then Avery asked if we would jump with them. One of us agreed and followed the kids to the tramp while the other one of us went to clean up dinner dishes.

Just a few minutes later, Samson was down and noticeably injured in his arm. His left arm was dangling. Just the sight of this made my stomach weak.

We loaded up in the van and headed to the ER. I was driving, so I dropped Steve and Samson off and Avery and I went to park the car. When Avery and I entered the ER waiting area, the receptionist asked us to have a seat - they didn't want anymore people in the room.

A few minutes later, we could hear Samson screaming. Avery started to cry for her little brother, which brought tears to my eyes. I prayed that God would give Steve strength to endure watching his dear son experience what ever they were doing at the time.

Soon after the screaming, a nurse came out to the waiting area and told me that I needed to replace my husband in the room with our son. I had flashbacks of when I was delivering one of the girls and when the doctor put an IV in my hand, Steve almost passed out.

I found Steve lying on a bed sweating with a cup of water in his hand. It must have been too much for him.

So I took his place and Steve joined Avery in the waiting room. After getting settled with Samson, I learned that the only thing they had done so far was take an X-Ray of his arm. The hardest part was yet to come. Later I talked to Steve about what triggered him to almost faint and he said it was the news that the X-Ray showed 2 broken bones in his arm.

With Samson on my lap, the doctor proceeded to cast his arm from his hand and past his elbow. Then as the cast was drying, the doctor reset his arm. That was the painful part for him!

Apparently little kids heal fast, so the cast will come off in 4 weeks.

Lesson learned... A game of "Crack the Egg" on the trampoline with an adult and toddler may result in cracking more than the 'egg'!!


Bonnie said...

Oh my!!!! With so many boys at our house we have been to the ER more times than I can count - welcome to the world of boys.

Julie said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! Poor Steve too! Sounds like it was more traumatic for him than for your boy.