Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Endeavor

A few posts back, I shared how my daughter Olivia was so overwhelmed with pain over those who suffer needlessly. She was so overtaken by the American Idol Gives Back show that she could not breath normal.

She questioned why we just sit here, talk about doing something to help "the least of these" and not take action.

Even before that time, our family has been praying for God to show us where to serve, to show us how we can give back to Ethiopia.

After several emails back in forth with a newer organization, I came up with this idea that could potentially raise a significant amount of funds and proposed this idea to this organization. Well, they loved it and gave me the green light to proceed.

This is such a small way I can help this organization. However, the project seemed a lot simpler when I proposed the idea than it does now that I have this project on my plate. Yikes! What have I signed up for?!

I have zero experience with any of the work that it will take to complete this project. So, you can imagine that I quickly became fearful of this task. I don't have the skills, the knowledge, the experience for many parts of this. I began to feel more inadequate than I had ever felt in my life. What if I fail and let this organization down?

But I am part of this awesome small group of couples and we have all been ready to take on a project together. So, I proposed the idea to my small group and nobody hesitated to jump on board. Now I am not doing this alone. We have the talents and resources available within our small group to pull this off.

Then God showed me that even though this is a whole new experience for me, I do have the gift to coordinate, the ability to find the right resources, the capacity to pull things together, to research and find the information I need. The bottom line is that nothing is too big for God.

The women of our small group met to pool our ideas together. We are using our creative juices to their fullest and we have already come a long ways with this project.

My biggest prayer request over this endeavor is that seeds will be planted and God will be glorified. We want God's fingerprints all over it, not ours.

Please pray also that we are able to work through the details in unity and offer the most we can to this organization.

God is so good!


Nikki said...

I'm very excited to hear more! Prayers and Congrats!

Djibouti Jones said...

What is the organization? Sounds like you are off to an great start!

Kate and Jeff said...

Reading intently...keep us posted

Andrea said...

Very cool! Can't wait to hear more!