Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Accepting our referral!!!

For those who are intrigued with the mystical sides of life, this post is for you....

Yesterday, May 5th, we accepted the referral for our son.

Several months ago, I had a strong feeling that there was going to be something important about May 5th. For a while, I was hoping it would be the day we meet our son but as the months passed, that became less of a reality.

I felt weird about telling Steve that I think our referral is going to come on May 5th. At the time I was hoping we would not have to wait that long but I still had a strong feeling that we would wait that long.

More time passed and then we received a referral on April 6th. I was confused and decided that May 5th was just something I dreamed up.

Then we lost our April 6th referral. Soon after, out of the blue, Olivia asked me what was going on May 5th. She said May 5th has been on her mind and for some reason she thinks it is going to be a special day. I shared this with Steve and Olivia had expressed this with him as well.

Last week, we received a call from our specialists and her exact words were, "I would be very surprised if you receive a referral in May". She wanted us to prepare for a June referral.

Monday, May 4th, we received our referral. We were very surprised since 2 business days before that, we were told we would not get a May referral. On May 5th, yesterday, we had complete peace that this is our son. We accepted the referral on May 5th.

I know this is not a coincidence. This confirmed God's hand in this adoption. He gave me the date we would claim our son.

Now we wait for news of our court date. We hope to still travel this summer sometime, most likely August.


ShannonC said...

Words can not express what peace you must be feeling. Neither can they fully express the joy in many hearts for your family! Congrats!

Katie said...

HOW WONDERFUL! God did a similar thing for us - I had a sense January 9 that I was supposed to pray for our child and mother THAT DAPY. We got our referral 4 months later in May for our daughter - born January 8. I know EXACTLY what you mean about God's perfect timing and confirmation! I will pray you get through court quickly!