Friday, January 7, 2011

Under the Same Moon

While in Haiti, a few of us from our group tried to make arrangements to visit an orphanage in Leogane. We were not able to visit this orphanage but it still remains dear to my heart. The name of the orphanage is All God's Children.

Leogane was the epicenter of the earthquake almost one year ago. Although this orphanage was destroyed during the quake, all children and their nannies miraculously survived. After the earthquake, they continued to live on the orphanage property, without a building and without much food or water until July. All the children and their nannies were struggling to survive, just barely hanging on. Most of them became severely malnourished.

And then All God's Children stepped in to help.

Now they have a new orphanage building and receive at least 2 meals a day.

Then, in November, Leogane became the hardest hit city from the hurricane. During the worst weather, all orphans and nannies evacuated to the roof of the orphanage while the building was flooded by heavy rain storms. They congregated on the roof through the entire night, clinging to each other until the storms subsided by morning.

At the same time, several of the children were in the hospital with cholera symptoms.

Once again, all survived the hurricane and the cholera for now. But they continue to be in much need of our support and encouragement.

So, a good friend of mine designed a T-shirt to raise money for this orphanage. This is a really cool shirt. Go here to find out for yourselves and please consider supporting the least of these through the purchase of one of these amazing shirts.

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