Thursday, June 3, 2010

Junk Posse

I have to put a plug out there for Junk Posse. When I received my piece for Mother's Day right around our referral of Samson last year, I knew very little about this on-line store.

I put the necklace on the first day it arrive in the mail and did not take it off until one day 4 months later, I lost it. It fell from my neck.

I was at my daughter's parent tennis meeting. On our drive home from the meeting, I reached for my necklace around my neck and it was gone!! I immediately did a U-turn, went back to the school, searched the parking lot, the lawn and the meeting room. My necklace was no where to be found!

I only knew maybe 2 other parents at attendance at the meeting, asked each of those parents if they had by chance found my necklace and picked it up. No such luck!

I went home very disappointed. This necklace meant a lot to me. I had been wearing it since Samson's referral and it traveled on my neck to Ethiopia and back. I know that it's just a thing and even though I could replace it with one like it, it would not mean the same to me. I was heart broken until...the next day.

Lauren went to school and was called to the office soon after arriving. The secretary in the office handed her MY NECKLACE!!!! She asked Lauren, "is this yours?" Lauren said, "YES! It's my mom's!! She lost it - thank you so much!" (at least that is what she told me she said). She gladly took the necklace and couldn't wait to give it me at the end of the day.

When I picked her up, she said, "Guess what mommy?!! The office had your necklace!!"

I immediately cried tears of joys and screamed with excitement when she presented it to me. Then I asked her who found it. She didn't know and didn't think to even ask. The secretary just handed it to her!!???????
To this day, we have not been able to thank the person who found my necklace because we don't know who found it. If they only knew what this necklace means to me.

Now I have had the joy to watch 4 more necklaces made by Junk Posse make their way to their new owners, each having significant meaning to each of these beautiful women.

What I have learned from one of my friends who purchased a necklace from Junk Posse is that Traci, the owner and designer of this fine jewelry prays over each piece before she mails them to their new homes.

If in fact she did pray over my piece, that very likely added an extra piece of protection over it, preventing me from losing it for good. I believe an angel was watching over this necklace.

Now getting back to Traci, the one who designs and hand creates these masterpieces...

Not only is each piece made of sterling silver and hand crafted by Traci but when you purchase a piece from Junk Posse, you support several non profit organizations and adoptions.

These are 3 other pieces that I have seen in person. Each unique in design and amazingly beautiful:

Our African Angel

Love Goes Around

Under the Same Moon

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Nikki said...

I just LOVE every necklace that Tracy makes! I didn't know about her praying over every necklace, that makes the necklaces even more special! Thanks for sharing! Take care and it was so nice meeting you in person!