Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrating Fathers

Yesterday we gathered with our small group, worshipped, studied scripture and ate together. We gather as families, kids included, so we also included a time to pay tribute to the special fathers in our lives. Each child took turns sharing with their fathers what they mean to them. It was a very special time.

I have so much to learn from Steve in regards to patience and his way of making time to spend uniquely with each kid. He has an incredible gift to handle with great care and grace the girls and their never ending drama. Whereas I get exhausted and fall into the trap of joining the drama, he always remains calm. How do men do that?

In the afternoon, we went boating. One example of Steve's patience is that he gave each of us a chance to drive the boat. Even Samson had his opportunity and when the driving got a little crazy, Steve remained calm while my heart rate went up.

One of my greatest joys during our adoption journey is to watch the attachment between Steve and Samson grow. Samson absolutely ADORES his father! The first thing he asks each morning is "Where is Daddy?" When Steve arrives home from work, Samson is the first to greet him at the door with a huge smile.

To him, Steve is a "fix everything" kind of guy. When something breaks, Samson says, "My daddy will fix that!" When he gets hurt, daddy is his first choice for him to band aide or kiss the wound.

Samson is so proud of his daddy.When we are out in public or with friends and family, he likes to pat Steve on the back and say, "This is MY Daddy!"

So glad we have a day set aside to celebrate fathers!

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