Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turning Seven!

My baby girl is Seven today! Yes - she was a tax day baby!
About our girl...
She is very SWEET.
She wears a permanent smile on her face.
She would love to be a Princess some day - I tell her she already is one.
She is a 'Girly Girl'.
So, no surprise that her favorite colors are PINK and PURPLE.
She loves to (s)nuggle in bed with her mommy B4 getting up in the mornings.

She loves to read.
She is an amazing gymnast - she can whip her body around the bars like no other 7 year old.
She wants to get her ears pierced but mom and dad are undecided.

She is a great friend and playmate to Samson.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

We Love You!!

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! A few days late :o)