Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time with cousins and Care Center friends

Last week Samson and I ventured out of town for a couple days. We spent the night at my sister's and Samson got a much needed play fix with his cousins. They spent four hours outside playing and running off energy, which was good for Samson and mommy. We both slept well that night!

The next day we arranged to meet up with a couple of Samson's toddler friends from Ethiopia. Yes - that's right!! Two of Samson's friends from the Care Center were adopted by a couple who live just over 2 hours from us!! I know!! - we are so lucky!!

Soon after we passed court, I met these two sweet sibling boys' adoptive mother through our agency's on-line forum. We discovered through each other's social reports that our boys were friends at the Care Center. Her and her husband picked up their sons a week after we came home with Samson. In fact, we met each other briefly passing through the Addis airport on our way home.
Here are the three boys playing at the Care Center in Ethiopia:

And here they are last week watching (with great interest) a sidewalk being replaced in the US:
They played well together and we hope to get the boys together again soon!

I am just thrilled that Samson could reconnect with his buddies and it's also a bonus for mommy to connect with another adoptive parent of toddlers. Thanks again for the play date T, M and T!

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tmcs said...

We look forward to another visit! The boys are both in my lap right now and so happy to see themselves and Samson on the screen! Let us know when you're in town again! Also, it's nice to see your recent posts of progress! YAY!!