Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our son's personality

I have to smile every time something from his social report comes to mind. I am so impressed at the descriptions of our son. His social worker describes his skin color, his hair texture, his strength and our favorite physical description - his DIMPLES!! Our daughter Olivia (the one who celebrated a birthday on our successful court date) also has dimples on each side of her cheeks. Many friends and family have commented about the similarities in his features to our girls (round shaped eyes and similar lips) but it's fun to see one of our daughter's share this distinct characteristic in the cheeks.

His personality comes to life in his social report as well. We have one picture of him standing in a line with other toddlers singing. His eyes are wide and big and he is sporting a big smile with his adorable dimples.

He also sounds very active in that one of his favorite things to do is "wrestle" with his nannies. We have three girls and so wrestling will be a whole new thing in our house. The girls are working on their moves - watch our Yihun!! The report added that he is difficult to get down at night because he likes to (friendly) wrestle with his crib mate.

The part about his personality that makes me smile the most is that he loves hugs and kisses!! He will walk over to a familiar nanny, turn his cheek and wait for a kiss. This just makes me melt!! Can't wait to be the one he turns his cheek towards!

We feel so lucky to be the parents to this adorable, handsome and amazing 2 year old boy! Most days I have to pinch myself to make sure this journey isn't all but a dream. And the best part of this adventure is that the best part is still to come!

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Lyn-Dee said...

Your little man is beautiful! It really makes me want to start the process all over again...but I know we are not quiet ready yet. I am glad you got the social report and pictures so early. We literally got them 20 min before we met Lincoln Tadiwos. It was crazy trying to pour over it and get ready to meet him.