Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Celebrating this sweet girl's birthday

Yesterday was Olivia's 10th birthday, so we had much to celebrate with news of passing court also. My emotions were so tied up waiting for and receiving our court news yesterday on top of planning for a birthday party, that I'm afraid Olivia didn't get the attention she deserved on her special day. And I didn't get around to writing this post about her until today.

Olivia is my most conscientious daughter. She cares for and loves each person she knows. She doesn't judge. When we throw a birthday party for her, she invites the whole class (girls and boys) because she doesn't want to leave anyone out.

Her teacher has pointed out that Olivia treats each classmate equally. When someone wins a competition, she is the first to congratulate them. When she wins, she is very humble.

When she grows up she either wants to be a Stay at Home Mom, a children's book writer/illustrator, teacher or a Missionary. She would be amazing at any of these. God has gifted her in all these areas. She is a mother hen to your younger sister Avery, she loves to write and draw and she has a heart of compassion.

It is cool to see how God is working through Olivia. Her love for Him is so evident in her walk. She is salt and light to the earth.

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