Friday, June 17, 2011

Magical Dates?

This morning Steve and I are taking our good friends to the airport. They are flying to Ethiopia to bring home their sweet boys. We insisted on driving them to the airport and picking them up not only because it is a privilege but because when we came home from our exhausting 36 hours of travel and drove ourselves home, well, let's just say, it was not a good thing and it's a miracle that we made it home.

When our family went through the process of adopting Samson from Ethiopia, we only had to travel once and that was for the Embassy appointment. Today, the process has changed and now the families are required to travel twice, once for the Ethiopian court date and once for the Embassy date.

Our friends were in Ethiopia just last month for their court date. They passed court on May 16th.

We did not attend our Ethiopian court date for Samson but we passed court on June 16th, same day as Olivia's birthday. So, we had much to celebrate yesterday!

The date Samson was relinquished to the orphanage was April 16th.

Then, on December 16th, we passed court in the US to finalize his adoption. This is also Olivia's half birthday.

When we were in Ethiopia, we celebrated Samson's half birthday on August 11th, which is our friend Ryan's birthday and my brother's birthday.

So all these dates, the 11th, the 16th have gotten me thinking about what they all mean. What do they mean for our family and what do they mean for our two families. Is there a Bible verse attached somehow? Is it confirmation for something?

There is more...

Ryan and Rachael were at the airport to greet us when we arrived home with Samson. It was their wedding anniversary.

Steve and I will be picking up our dear friends and their boys at the airport on June 26th, which is our wedding anniversary.

I love when God does things like this. He is magical, mystical and mysterious all in one.

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Rachael said...

Well, I feel a bit of an emotional wreck today anyway ... in a good way, but that makes me cry. God is amazing and I'm so thankful for you and your family. I love you!