Friday, May 27, 2011

Stepping out on faith

I received an urgent phone call this week in regards to a situation that God has pulled me into.

It's very complicated and I can't share details but it involves orphans.

I'm embarrassed to admit that it's a situation that I had asked God to close the door so that I could move on. It's such a messy situation, that it's escalated to something way beyond me.

Although I continued to pray, I thought that I had done all I could. Then the phone call came. It was heavy stuff. As I listened to the details, I was praying that God would give me wisdom and selfishly wanted to run away from this.

After a 1 hour phone conversation, discussing the plan, which at this point, has become plan C, I prayed. I asked God, "Why me?"

And while I was praying, He said, "If not you, then who?"

Before this prayer, I did not have the strength to take the next step. I was feeling unequipped at how to approach this.

But then I realized that God is right. I need to act now. I need to do what I know how to do and let God take it from there.

So, I took the next step, which involved sharing the situation with someone on the field and asking for help.

Then I left it in God's hands. I didn't know whether I would ever hear from this person or not. But I prayed that this person would have an answer, that they would be able to at least guide me to the next step.

I prayed that my message would not fall of deaf ears and that this person will take note and understand the urgency of the situation.

Two days passed, I wasn't ready to give up but I needed to hear soon.

Let me just say, GOD IS AMAZING!!!!  WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!!!

Yesterday, I received a response. This person offered to help in a much bigger way than I even prayed for or expected. We have a lot of details to work through, but WOW!!!

I am so humbled by God's response. This may have been beyond me but it's not beyond God.

Today, I've been thinking about how insecurities keep us from acting. We think the hard work is just for the professionals or experienced people. But I am evidence that all you need on your resume to do God's work, is the right heart.

When we take that leap of faith, God shows up in a BIG way!! He is right there with you! Why does this surprise us when we take a big leap?

There is still much to work through, the work is not done yet. Please pray with me that God will take this to completion and that all the glory will go to Him.

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Andrea said...

LOVE this! Praying with you!