Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet Kero!

Isn't she beautiful?!!

Our family has the privilege of helping sponsor Kero through Drawn From Water . We knew DFW was coming out with a new sponsorship program, so when they announced it last week, we jumped on board right away.

Really, all the kids are amazing and beautiful but when I asked our kids whether they wanted to sponsor a girl or a boy, they all agreed a girl and they all wanted the oldest girl. That's how we found Kero. When we pulled up her file, my girls said, "Yes! Her! Let's sponsor her!"

The day after we signed up to sponsor Kero, we received an email confirmation and a little bit more information on her. We learned that she was attending her third day of school. Reading this brought me to tears because she is attending the very same school we toured with our agency in Addis one year ago. The school is Children's Home Academy. We were so impressed with this school and what they had to offer.

I think about all the schools there must in Addis - our sponsored child could be attending one of probably hundreds of schools. But she is sitting in the same classrooms that we walked through just over a year ago.

Not only that, but Kero will learn English at her new school. Eventually, we will be able to write letters back and forth to her.
Friday morning, after we received confirmation that we would be indeed sponsoring Kero, I was wearing my DFW T-shirt and as I was driving the girls to school, I looked down at my T-shirt and there I saw Kero's name. Her name is on the shirt because she was one of the first eight children rescued.
Kero is six years old. In January, 2009, she was rescued from the Hammer tribe in Ethiopia. She was suppose to be killed by the elders because she was "teeth mingi", which means her top teeth came in before her bottom teeth.

Unfortunately, like all the children at the DFW orphanage, Kero is not adoptable, which is why this sponsorship program is so important for these kids.

Would you please consider sponsoring ones of these precious children? You can help sponsor a child for as little as $25 per month. When you sponsor a child, you will get several more pictures and more information about them. DFW will send frequent updates and you may email DFW specific questions about your child any time.

As DFW stated on a recent twitter, "How often can you say that you were able to help a child who would have otherwise been killed by their tribe?"

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