Saturday, February 6, 2010

Animal Talk

I have been having conversations with Samson about what different animals say and eat. Here is how one conversation went:

Me: "What does a pig say?"
S: "What does a pig say?"
Me: "No. YOU tell me what a pig says?"
S: "NO. You tell ME!"
Me: "What about a cow." "What does a cow say?"
S: "What does a cow say?"
Me: "No, you tell me what a cow says?"
S: "A cow says."
Me: "Let's try a different animal." "What does a kitty say?"
S: "Meow."  Then Samson asked me, "What does the moo say?"

Me: What does a bird eat?
S: Pizza!

Our little man is turning 3 on Thursday, February 11th! He just learned how to hold up 2 fingers for his age, now we're trying to add the third finger. Thursday will also mark 6 months of being a forever family. Lots of emotions will be stirring in our family this week!

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