Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The story of our son's name

Since we received the referral of our son, we have been going back and forth between names. We knew we wanted to keep part of his birth name. But which part and for his first name, middle name or both.

Back in March, two months before our referral, I wrote a blog entry that I never published regarding a conversation we had about naming our son:

This past weekend, we took the girls out of town for a few days to the Dells. The car ride out there and back gave us a chance to talk about our future brother and son. Each stage of our vacation, we envisioned him with our family in the van, sleeping in the hotel room, at the water park. Who would he sleep with? Where would he sit in the van? Would he like the water park or be afraid?

Then on our way home, we had the most amazing conversation ever since this journey began. We stopped at a Starbucks on our way out of town and as we were leaving Starbucks, it just hit me that we had not talked about a name for our son. So, the discussion began.

Each of us had our own opinions. One name after another was spoken and usually shot down. I could tell this was going to be a long drawn out process before we could all agree.

Then, Steve threw out a name, like he pulled it out of a hat. It was like time had stopped. Nobody booed it. It was dead silence for a few seconds. Then all at once, we were all over this name with excitement. It just seemed to fit.

The name Steve came up with (I have not received permission to share this name yet) is a person in the Bible. Non of us knew much about this man's story, so I fetched my Bible and read his story out loud to our family. This man happens to have been born to a woman who was sterile. An angel visited the mother of this man and told her that even though she was sterile, God would give her a son.

Steve, being the careful decision maker he is, said "well, that's a good option but I still want to wait to hear his birth name." So that is why I'm not sharing his name because we are "leaving our options open."

Fast forward to last Friday and this name came up in a trivia question on a local Christain radio station. Over the weekend, after much discussion and weighing out our options, we made the decision to name him the name that we spoke about on our trip.

His name will be...


Kelaye is part of his birth name. I love the name Samson, but we are also open to calling him "SAM" for short.

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Erin said...

So glad you posted a comment!!! I wanted to let you know I specifically sought out your little one last week in the toddler room. Yonas' social worker led the way. He is such a little love - seriously. He came right to me and gave me a sweet hug and I said, "This is from your daddy and mommy!" And he smiled, and looked at me with those giant, beautiful eyes. What a sweetie pie. You guys are certainly blessed. Keep me posted and if you have any questions or whatever, shoot me an email! eawuthrich@gmail.com