Sunday, October 19, 2008

Skunks only spray Grirls!

My father is retiring from farming after this fall's harvest. So, our family travelled to the farm this past weekend to witness some of the last corn picking days of his farming career. We love the farm! There is never a shortage of four wheeler rides, tractor rides and combine rides.

For my kids, this is like Disney World!

Actually, it's better than Disney World because not only are the rides fun but the culture you experience is so rich. Like, how many kids have really seen a LIVE SKUNK up close?!?!

My kids and all their cousins got to see a skunk. No, it wasn't a black and white kitty. It was an actual skunk that found it's way into a cage on my parent's farm and got trapped.

The cousins were so entertained by this skunk. Avery, my 5 year old announced that she didn't go any closer than 10 feet from the creature. How far can skunks spray? Well, I don't think I want to find out so I asked my children to keep their distance.

And then I had this conversation with my 3 year old nephew, who also saw the black and white 'kitty':

Me: O, have you seen the skunk?

O: Yes!

Me: Does it stink?

O: Yes!

Me: Oh! Did it spray you?!?

O: No it didn't spray me.

Me: Can I go see the skunk?

O: No! (shaking his head) You can't see it because it only sprays grirls. It doesn't spray boys.

Me: Oh, well if it only sprays girls, I better not go near it then.

Thank you mom and dad for the rich experience!!

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