Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Naming our son

We will name him one of two ways: keep his Ethiopian name or give him a new name with his Ethiopian name as his middle name.

We've had some discussion in our family about what we should name him. The girls have given us a thumbs down on all the names Steve and I have come up with so far. And they have their own ideas, which don't appeal to us either.

After much debate the other day, Olivia stated that we should wait for our referral and then name him. What a great idea! It makes sense to wait because there is a chance that we will keep his birth name.

As a side note: some people when they ask about the adoption, they refer to him as "the boy". Like, "have you heard any news about the boy yet?"

Referring to our son as the boy just doesn't sit well with us. Even though we don't know our son yet, in our hearts, he is our son. We thought it fitting for now to give him a name to call him, so we came up with the nick name "Jr".

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Deb said...

God knows his name....He just hasn't introduced you yet...